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Invitation au Voyage

Charles Baudelaire

An invitation

A family holiday. A wedding. A honeymoon. A special treat to yourself. A Journey to  the East. Or a chance to indulge and rejuvenate. We create your private, highly personalized journey to the East or beyond, the way you dream it to be. We take you to alluring lesser-known places off the well-trodden tourist trail to unveil a journey to remember.

At Journeys to the East, we leave no stone unturned when creating your bespoke holiday. Ms Nguyen Viet Loan Deleo Foster, aka Ms. Loan, founder of Journeys to the East, puts her trademark personal touch on every single journey to make it as unique as the person we design it for.  

Ms. Loan’s grasp of her country and its diverse attractions, and her connections to the luxury hospitality business, are second to none. Journeys to the East is borne out of Ms. Loan’s knowledge of Vietnam’s heritage and culture, her desire to preserve local traditions, her thirst for discovering new destinations and ultimately her aspiration to share her passion for travel with you.

Whether you wish to indulge the finest cuisine and wine at a beautifully restored French colonial villa on the banks of Hanoi’s West Lake, unwind over tea in a mandarin ancestral hall-house Ms Loan has adroitly integrated into her villa, rummage about an ancient civilization’s ruins, wind among towering limestone mountains or ride the waves at an emerging windsurfing and kite boarding mecca, we take time to finesse every detail before, during and after your journey  so that you can travel in style without the hassle of long, cumbersome preparations.  


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