Family summer holiday in Vietnam


Last booking window for your Christmas holiday - Save up to 25% and enjoy our complimentary package by choosing the luxurious Villa La Rose in Hanoi.

Leave the frenzy organisatorial work to us; sit back, relax and look forward to your 14-21 days well earned family break spending quality time with your loved ones.


Our complimentary concierge serve

There is no limit... Of what you can ask us to take care of

Your time is precious and there are so many things we can do for you - without any charge our concierge service is at your disposal to advise you, organise your stay and facilitate its preparation and smooth running. our team of concierge books among other things, restaurants, shows and exhibitions for you, attend to all your requests  efficiently present.they will do everything  and is discreetly but efficiently present. They will do everything they can to make things easier for you, working in close collaboration with your designated tour manager who will remain your only contact at Journeys to the East. You come with small chidren they will arange for baby-sitter to come so that you can enjoy a night out in town migling with the local beer bars of Hanoi. 


DAY 1- 2: Hanoi

Touch down in Hanoi and spend the first 2 days discovering past and present forever intertwined at every corner of this fast growing Metropole - on a cyclo-pousse or guided backstreets walk through the narrow and colorful streets of the Old Quarter, explore a vibrant and active city. Hanoi impresses visitors with its energy.

Learn the history of Vietnam while passing by the Presidential Palace, visiting the  excavation site of Hanoi’s 1000-year-old Thang Long Imperial Citadel (registered with UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010).

Join the culinary tuition by venturing into the vibrant local markets with your personal chef Nhung to pick the freshest possible ingredients and experience a part of everyday routine of Hanoainhousewifes , then return to Villa la Rose for a demonstration by Chef NHUNG teaching you to cook simple Hanoian recipes passed down through generations of Vietnamese cuisine as well as innovative international fusion cuisine. This is a memorable experience for both those who love cooking, as well as those who usually don’t go into a kitchen, open you taste buds and enjoy the very dishes prepared by your team for a local lunch at the French colonial house.

Villa La Rose Hanoi 


DAY 3 – 4: Halong

With the wind in your hair, cruise Ha Long Bay’s shimmering emerald waters, weaving through its myriad postcard-perfect limestone karsts
As our personal chef prepares your lunch comprising only the freshest seafood fished from the ocean, hop into a kayak and paddle to some of the nearby surrounds. Explore one of the bay’s awe-inspiring caves. Or stop at a floating pearl farming village and watch the steps taken to cultivate pearls, including the implantation of a shell bead into an oyster’s tissue. You may even witness a shiny, iridescent pearl being carefully extracted from an oyster cultivated over a three to five-year time frame.


Day 5 – Ninh Binh

Experience an unforgettable sunset sampan cruise gliding past emerald limestone towers, series of vast interconnected caves, touching lush green reeds where amber dragonflies darted from stem to stem of reeds and kingfishers paused on rice corns before plunging their head into the water to catch a fish.

The sampan would continue to glide on the emerald water of the Ngo River in Tam Coc just when the busy tourist crowd has ebbed away and disappeared from the horizon. Journeys to the East takes their small group of clients to discover King Kong’s lair after gliding under interconnected caves at the sound of the traditional bamboo flute - you will then disembark and follow a rural path bordered by green rice paddy fields and to the sound of roaring drums accompanied by villagers to a sacred temple honoring 3 kings of the Tran Dynasty who have rescued Vietnam from “Ku-Blai-Kan” repeating invasions – a magical dinner setting awaits you then at the resort.


Day 6 – Day 9: Hoi An

You are taken to a scenic drive to Hoi an then take you through the picturesque streets of its ancient town,  mingle with the locals and taste the reputed  "Cao Lau"  made with fresh noodle which recipe remains a  well kept family secret.
while enjoying the beautiful beaches of Hoi An and the scenic countryside by bike,  Learn and improve your cooking skills with the many talented chefs of Hoi An. You will be stunned to find out how easy it will be to impress your friends by staging  a "gourmet dinner " when returning home.

While in old Hoi An try the street foods at the many “mobile shops”, a term used to describe the mobile food vendors balancing their bamboo  baskets full of snacks on two poles. This usually happen around 3 oclock in the colorful old streets of Hoi An. The vendors will sit down with the baskets  in front of a shop house and prepare their specialty for you to taste; delicious My Quang Noodle, Cao Lau noodle and Bank Dap (smashed rice crackers) for desert try the sweet angel hair crepe

But Cao Lau is definitely a unique Hoi An specialty. You cannot find anywhere else, it is said the recipe is jealously kept in the family and passed down within the inner circle of the family, and each family add some secret ingredients to make it more unique.

Discover the white sand beach as far as the eyes can reach, add to the sense of being intimately at one with nature. Privacy and relaxation awaits you overlooking the East Sea. Lounge by the pool and spend a quiet time reading a book or just enjoying the Spa pool.


Day 10 – 14: Mui Ne

5-days/4-nights stay at the spectacular Villa Allamanda-Nour. Under a dome of blue sky all year-round, the villa commands a hill offering sweeping views of the ocean, fishing village and coastal city.
Named for the vibrant yellow trumpet flowers grown in the vast garden, Ms Loan designed, built and decorated the luxurious homestay; its design an artful balance between panache and subtle.

Villa Allamanda-Nour in Mui Ne


For meals, you can choose half-boarding or full-boarding. Enjoy gourmet dining options in the busy town of Mui Ne or home cooking  prepared by our in-house local chef. Our chef goes everyday to Mui Ne fisher village to collect fresh arrival of sea food . We also have a list of best bars and restaurants in Mui Ne if you want to venture out and try fresh seafood in local restaurants.

There are plenty of activities to go after in Mui ne. Get up early in the morning and make your way to the fishing village to watch sunrise on the colorful fishing boats dotting the waters. Mingle with the locals at their animated fish trade; it provides a peek into the lives of local fishermen. After a day jam-packed with kite surfing, sailing, fishing and biking, retire to the villa’s plush infinity pool,which can be converted into an outdoor spa area where guests can lap up a local herb massage to the soothing sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

Choose to stay at luxury homestay Villa la Rose in Hanoi, this will be your base to explore 1000 year of history and culture of Hanoi - the villa is an oasis middle of Hanoi on the edge of romantic West Lake with its lush tropical garden and swimming pool and pay 25`% less on your total package.

The Villa is suitable for multi-generational family holiday; it is ideal for families with children;  2 couples with 4 children sharing spacious 4 bedrooms suites or one couple with two children and grand parents.


We offer:

  • 24/hours concierge service which can deliver personal service tailored to one’s every special need.”
  • Complimentarylaundry service
  • Complimentary wifi
  • Complimentaryold quarter cyclo-pousse visit
  • Complimentary welcome dinner at the French Colonial Villa la Residence upon your arrival
  • Complimentary in-house local herbal massage to get over your jet lag
  • Guide to shopping for silk; arts& crafts to bring home;  tailor made clothes ; we will take care of shipping them home for you in case the sewing is not finished before your departure


Terms and conditions:

Complimentary services offered for bookink the luxurious Villa La Rose in Hanoi and MUI NE

Outside activities subject to weather conditions