Journeys to the East receives AmCham Vietnam 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Recognition Award


Journey’s to the East was proud to attend the Amcham Annual Meeting and Dinner 2016 on Wednesday, where we were presented with the 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Recognition Award.

Our mission and dedication does not stop at providing bespoke, luxury experiences. We are also mindful of the impression we leave behind on the landscapes we explore. Our guests stay in a spot for a short time but we ensure each trip into the untouched terrain is a step in developing a sustainable livelihood for the locals.

Our homestay in Ha Giang is an excellent example of how we tailor make exceptional Journeys whilst being mindful of the surroundings and those living amongst them. We work closely with the local community and where we can smooth over the rough edges, we do so, taking care to preserve local customs and authenticities.

We also strive to raise awareness of issues close to heart, such as endangered animals, climate change, human trafficking, malaria prevention and clean water and medical care for all. We do so through fundraising at Gala dinners where we invite our hospitality partners and residents of Ha Noi to band together for these good causes.

To read more about our work at our Ha Giang homestay follow this link: