Dear Loan


Have been meaning to email since I returned from Vietnam, but was sadly sent immediately on another work assignment. 

I know Becky has been in touch with you, but I just wanted to thank you again for what was a truly wonderful visit to Halong Bay. Everything about the trip was spectacular - Hao was a super tour guide and Hung’s cooking was extraordinary. He’s such an inspirational guy. And the boat itself and the seaplane journey home were unforgettable. I remember visiting Halong Bay a couple of times when I lived in Hanoi 10 years ago, but it was absolutely nothing like this. 

Once again, thank you so much for giving us the experience. It was a magical two days. Becky and I are getting married in December and we now feel like we’ve already had our honeymoon.

Looking forward to meeting you in London this weekend. 

Thanks, Alex


Dear Loan, 

Thank you so much for such an amazing two days - we enjoyed every moment and were so impressed with everything you'd arranged. 

We're heading out now to enjoy our last few hours in Hanoi, so this is just a quick message, but I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip. 

Thanks so much again and I'll be in touch when I get back to London.

All the best, Becky - Conde Nast's online Editor

August 2015


Dear Loan,

Thank you so much for a wonderful sojourn through the Mui Ne area on the southern coast of Vietnam. A tour with Journeys to the East is a truly memorable experience combining luxury accommodation, exotic locations, authentic and delicious cuisine and impeccable and personal service tailored to one’s every special needs.


The drive from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne was most interesting. We loved the beautiful and colorful landscape of the Vietnamese countryside - the green rice paddies; the never ending fields of dragon fruit plantations; the changing colors of the ocean; the quaint fishing villages and towns scattered along the coast.

Apart from the 5-star resorts we visited along the Mui Ne coast, the highlight of the tour was a few nights at your beautiful villa and the warm hospitality that was extended to us.   Everything was just about perfect - from the tasteful interior decorations filled with Southeast Asian antiques, the delicious food and beverage selection, the relaxing swims in the Infiniti pool at the end of an action-filled day, to the beautiful tropical garden surroundings.

We highly recommend this tour for anyone wishing to experience the “WOW” factor in their travels. It is a truly unique cultural and culinary adventure led by a professional operator with an exceptional flair and sense of style. Well done Loan! We wish you and Journeys To The East the best of success.


Vi and Pete Peterson -  United States Ambassador to Vietnam 1997 -2001

Melbourne – Australia

September 2014