Cultural Journeys

A journey to remember

Join Ms Loan, a practicing archeologist and antiques collector, as she resurrects the golden era of travel and exploration.

Relive the archeological explorations of rediscovery, through the unearthed ancient architecture and artifacts of the Ly Dynasty (1009-1225) in Vietnam’s north, and the Champa Kingdom once ruling the lands spanning the country’s center and south.  

Also, partake in a tea ceremony in Ms Loan’s beautifully restored Mandarin ancestral hall dating from 1889, amid its exquisite fretwork and treasury of antique furniture and ceramics.  Ms Loan assembled the timbered hall house on top of her colonial villa, in a microcosm of the marks so boldly left by the Chinese and French legacies across today’s Vietnam.

Just as Indochine architecture captures the essence of the Orient with subtle French refinement, Ms Loan and her team pepper tradition with romance, taking your journey to yesteryear to new depths.